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Yurii Sekh

Yurii Sekh

Leading designer, the founder of «Renovatio» studio;

Yurii — is ambitious and talented designer and director of Renovatio studio at the same time. He appreciates quality and cares about high level of design and studio performance standards. He is always in line with fashionable trends due to the permanent self-improvement. Yurii travels a lot, he visits various global design and architecture exhibitions. Yurii believes that main objective is to create the unique, comfortable and functional interior, implementing all wishes of his customer


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About us

Nobel prize laureate Denis Gabor told once that «the future cannot be predicted, but may be invented», — Playing with the words of well-known scientist, we may add that it is possible to invent only by improving and implementing the most bright dreams of humanity. RENOVATIO architecture and design company implements this principle during the last 11 years. Uniting progressive designer’s mind, innovative technologies, multi-profile competence and the intent to satisfy the most sophisticated customer’s demands, the company transforms and improves every day the world around us in its projects (over 600 projects in Ukraine and other states of the world).

OUR MISSION – is to create ultra-modern and unique design solutions which inspire people to live more comfortable and happy life.

VISION — is to be leader in design and construction for well-being of people and business in changing and transforming world.


  1. Ultramodern design ideas (interior, exterior, landscape design)
  2. The specialists of our studio continue to improve original design creation methods, to monitor the last trends in this area; they regularly visit global presentations and specialized exhibitions. Therefore, the studio working in team is ready to propose unlimited volume of progressive decoration ideas for interior, exterior, landscape aimed at creation of space providing comfort and positive emotions.

  3. Uniqueness in any design style
  4. RENOVATIO works in all styles and creates original design «features» tailored for each client, in order to make his/her living space cosy and multifunctional, reflecting as much as possible his/her personal «perception of the world» and values important for the client.

  5. Original ideas in architectural design
  6. Improving original project development methods, the architects and engineers of our company combine their knowledge in order to create the complex integrated architectural projects which inspire to live the new lifestyle.

  7. Exact realization of dream in real life
  8. The project developed by professionals, based on attention to even the smallest details, ensures for the client implementation of all planned elements in the real premises. It is confirmed by full package of detailed design prepared for the further work of project managers and builders.

  9. Clear schedule and sequence of project design creation stages
  10. All stages of design development for each project are strictly documented (preparation of planning solution, design concept formation, project visualization) and agreed in details with the customer.

  11. Well-developed client cooperation system
  12. The specialists of RENOVATIO propose project solutions, share their opinion, take in consideration the unique client’s preferences, create for the clients reliable system of control, support and follow-up at all stages of project lifestyle. For the purpose of convenience all organizational issues are agreed with project managers, and the current questions are resolved in cooperation with designers.

  13. Reliable mobile construction and repair teams
  14. Builders of the company are the separate, well-formed teams consisting of specialists with technical education in their respective profiles, having at least 10 years of working experience and professional competence required for implementation of the prepared projects.

  15. Strict author’s and general contractor’s supervision
  16. The stage of author’s supervision and general contract includes selection of all materials required for premise finishing. In this case the customer receives all registers for materials with indication of place of their purchase, item number and price of each component. At this stage the company helps clients to save a lot of time and costs due to the best offers of the reliable contractors and suppliers.

  17. Stable partner relations with contractors
  18. Long-term reliable «relations» of the company ensure quick selection of contractors having proper qualification for the certain types of works, and resolution of any matters which may occur in time due.

  19. Proactive and competent team
  20. We work in order to be leader in design and architecture. Uniting the talents of creative innovators with profound feeling of style, flexibility and responsibility in relations with each individual client and for each building, we inspire people surrounding us to improve quality of their life.

  21. 11 years of successful experience.
  22. Large number of implemented projects makes it easy for designers to clearly identify the customer’s demands and to propose quickly the best solutions corresponding to the fixed budget. It is primary confirmed by significant number of references and recommendations of our glad clients.

  23. Profound portfolio (offline/online)
  24. Over 600 projects completed successfully help the client to examine and make selection in variety of styles and innovative solutions before beginning of cooperation with our company.

  25. Catalogues and exhibition samples available
  26. The client may at any time look through the catalogues and «touch» the samples of materials of all suppliers – the partners of our studio.

  27. Comfortable location of the company
  28. It will be easy for the customer to visit our comfortable office for project presentation or personal meeting with designers.

These advantages help RENOVATIO to realize the dreams of our customers quickly and with proper quality!



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