Apartments design at Podol Plaza Residential Complex

Style: modern    Area: 646 ft2

Compact apartment in a modern style of only 646sq.ft - but the most meaningful and functional.

The bedroom is made using soft panels. So we didn't use a beam, because the whole wall is a beam. At the same time, the texture of the panels added coziness and comfort. Upholstered wall panels at the head of the bed are not only beautiful, soft and comfortable, but also have many practical features such as soundproofing and insulation.

Traditionally, the door to the bathroom, bath is made of wood. However, we chose glass. Glass doors allow you to visually expand the space, add more light. The area of ​​the apartment is not large, so we also used glass doors in the bedroom.

The space of the corridor was decorated with a special niche. It allowed to make an original place for comfortable undressing, where it is comfortable to leave things.

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