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A place that combines two diverse spaces: a refined restaurant and a closed poker club.

In the conditions of rapid development of the world, emphasis on success, comfortable and quality rest plays the most important role.

The restaurant, located on the first floor, is designed in a modern style, where the simplicity of lines and forms is combined with sophistication and comfort. The main accent of the restaurant hall is a large number of green elements, such as plants, flowers and vines, which add special freshness and liveliness to the space. The green color palette is complemented by pastel shades and bright red and blue colors that create a harmonious atmosphere of coziness.

Furniture in the restaurant hall is noted for its elegance and style. Armchairs and tables have a modern design with clear geometric shapes and are also decorated with natural materials.

There is a closed poker club on the second floor. The interior of the club is focused on comfort and privacy, where guests can enjoy gambling in peace and quiet.

The overall combination of modern design elements, plenty of greenery and style make this space a unique place where you can enjoy fine cuisine in the restaurant and feel the excitement of poker games in the closed club.



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  1. Ultramodern design ideas (interior, exterior, landscape design)
  2. Uniqueness in any design style
  3. Original ideas in architectural design
  4. Exact realization of dream in real life
  5. Clear schedule and sequence of project design creation stages
  6. Well-developed client cooperation system
  7. Reliable mobile construction and repair teams
  8. Strict author’s and general contractor’s supervision
  9. Stable partner relations with contractors
  10. Proactive and competent team
  11. 11 years of successful experience.
  12. Profound portfolio (offline/online)
  13. Catalogues and exhibition samples available
  14. Comfortable location of the company



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