Style:     Area: 10764 ft2

A design that is intended for a real man. The main feature of the interior of this house is the use of gray shades and interior elements that emphasize courage and restraint.

Really impressive is the unusual installation located in the kitchen inside a glass cube. This art composition was developed as an imitation of the functioning of a neural network by visualizing the filling of light tubes with steam using a steam generator located in the floor. This gives the kitchen an atmosphere of futurism and technology.
The bar made of stone is another important feature in this design. Gray stone with various textures, which has a rough surface and color splashes, gives the kitchen a characteristic brutal style.

The guest room in this house is an ideal area for relaxation and rest.
One of the walls adds a special charm to this room thanks to the imitation of rock with cracks, the interior decoration of which is exquisite quartz. It creates an impression of natural beauty, grace and luxury right inside the room.
The large panoramic windows located in this room allow you to enjoy the breathtaking views of nature without leaving the house.


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